Moss Tombs Of The Blind Drugged

If exorcisms can have soundtracks, Southampton, England's Moss just created it. Focusing on extreme bass frequencies, despite not featuring a bassist, coupled with gut-wrenching, tormented screams soaked in cavernous reverb and wailing over-droning and quarter-tempo dirges (because mid-tempo pacing would feel too upbeat), this latest, expecting-it-forever release was certainly worth the wait thanks to its sonic weight. On Tombs Of The Blind Drugged, Moss are even eerier and enthralling than ever before. Continuing the war of attrition with listeners' nerves, this four-track opus celebrates cacophony, thunderous riffs and echo-laden, chanting vocals with tunes ranging in time from 11 to 12-plus minutes. Topically, tracks branch out of the band's typical Lovecraft inspiration into the obvious Amando De Ossorio nod, Knights Of Templar history ("Skeletal Keys") and whatever the fuck "Eternal Return" is about. This of course, presumes that all of that screeching is actually about what the titles refer to. Regardless, it's unbelievably unnerving and is so doom-y and imposing that it makes Norwegian black metal seem light and airy. This is the shit you'd expect to hear during a particularly nasty torture sessions in hell. (Metal Blade)