Mose Scarlett Precious Seconds

Well-seasoned and highly respected, Mose Scarlett has played an influential role in Canadian folk music, particularly among guitarists. Precious Seconds not only celebrates the pre-’40s pop music that makes up most of its set, but also the acoustic guitar. It's not enough that Scarlett's "stride guitar” style walks the bass, comps the chords and sings the melody, on Precious Seconds he duets with many Northern guitar specialists, making the album a delight for fans of the six steel strings. Among the guests are Tony Quarrington, Amos Garrett, David Wilcox, Ken Whiteley, Jeff Healey and Colin Linden. The material includes pre-war favourites like Big Bill Broonzy's "Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down,” Gershwin's "I Can't Get Started” and a raucous version of "He's In The Jailhouse Now.” In addition to revisiting and refreshing early century selections, Scarlett includes one original (albeit from 1978) called "Muscatel Tale,” which sits confidently with the rest of the material, and Steve Goodman's cautioning tale of love and alcohol, "Don't Go Lookin' For Trouble.” (Borealis)