Morton Feldman / Stephane Ginsburgh For Bunita Marcus

For Bunita Marcus is late period Morton Feldman. Composers like Feldman, John Cage, Luc Ferrari and Karlhein Stockhausen are admittedly difficult gambits to pursue with any overarching consensus; it’s probably best from this vantage point to just find an entry point into they untested waters and leap in. Here, the always-engaging Sub Rosa imprint continues its reissues of avant-garde 20th century classical compositions with this 71-minute solo piano piece that Feldman composed in 1985. This particular recording was performed by Stephane Ginsburgh on a Bosendorfer 225 grand piano in 2006. The results offer a sublime and occasionally haunting interplay between silence and musical notations. Anyone curious about Feldman will find this piano work a more inviting initiation than his more stringent and minimal arrangements for strings. It’s worth the introduction to a gargantuan body of work whose permutations will continue to be felt deep into the next century. (Sub Rosa)