Morrissey Turns Down $75 Million For Smiths Reunion

Morrissey Turns Down $75 Million For Smiths Reunion
Anyone holding out hope that Morrissey and Johnny Marr will reunite for a Smiths reunion should give up right about... now. According to reports, Steven Patrick Morrissey was offered a staggering $75 million to play a full reunion tour under the name "the Smiths."

No stranger to rejecting the notion of a reunion, Morrissey had previously been offered $5 million by the organisers of Coachella to play the one-off date, and of course, refused. This latest obscene offer was conditional, however, and would only be paid out if Johnny Marr was on board as well for a guaranteed 50-date world tour. Strangely enough, neither Andy Rourke or Mike Joyce - "the other two" - were mentioned in the offer whatsoever.

In a statement to the press, Morrissey drove the final nail in the coffin, admitting: "In an effort to stop the speculation and kill off the rumour mongers who seem to use these things to take advantage of committed fans, we can tell you that one thing the future will not bring is a Smiths reunion tour."

Who knows? Maybe he's waiting on one of those billion dollar deals that was offered to ABBA.

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