Morrissey Talks Sexual Assault, Cancer Scare, Music Industry with Larry King

Morrissey Talks Sexual Assault, Cancer Scare, Music Industry with Larry King
Late last month, Morrissey issued an open letter alleging that he'd been sexually assaulted by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport. That situation, along with many other topics, was recently discussed in an in-depth interview between Moz and Larry King.

Morrissey previously alleged that the airport security agent "groped my penis and testicles," but he expanded on the story to King. "Would you like the absolute truth? They are horrific. He put his finger down my rear cleavage.

"Why would he want to? Why would he need to? Everything was fine but then he went straight for my private bits and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage."

Morrissey also opened up about his cancer diagnosis, revealing that he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. "Lots of people have it and they fade away. Lots of people have it and they're okay," he said, adding that he's now cancer-free.

Further, Morrissey offered his take on the music industry. "It's very hard," he said. "It's very brutal. It's completely changed now in recent years. It's only concerned with marketing. It's not really concerned with people who sing or people who play music. Because music appears to be dying and people have found other things to do, I think the major labels just want to grab as much as they can as quickly as possible. So they watch those horrible talent shows with small children, and they sign them.

In addition to the interview, Morrissey performed a live rendition of his recent single "Kiss Me a Lot." The song was also recently performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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