Morrissey Says "Several Labels" Looking to Re-Release 'World Peace Is None of Your Business'

Morrissey Says "Several Labels" Looking to Re-Release 'World Peace Is None of Your Business'
Morrissey's label woes with Harvest Records may soon be over, as the singer has suggested in his latest blog post that "several record labels" are contemplating re-releasing his recent, controversy-stirring World Peace Is None of Your Business.

The latest bit of news comes via the True to You site, embedded within a tour recap. While the specifics are slim, Moz is suggesting that the collection could soon be given new life by being reissued, repackaged and reevaluated by another imprint.

"There are several record labels interested in releasing World peace is none of your business. I hope this happens soon," he wrote, adding, "The carefully preserved monotony of the music industry is a decline inflicted upon all of us by the dumb and the sterile, and their old tyranny should not be allowed air. Speak up and shout out!"

Though Morrissey is keeping mum over which companies he's been speaking with, his disdain for Harvest has been public for some time now.

In the new post, the singer also saluted his fans for the various unofficial music video supporting the new album that have hit YouTube over the last little while. "Their number is quite phenomenal, and their articulate intensity proves that the people are ahead of the labels when it comes to understanding the songs," he commended.

You'll find an unofficial clip of the tile track, from director Héctor González, down below.

Back in the summer, shortly after the release of World Peace Is None of Your Business, the crooner reported he had been dropped by Harvest, which was quickly refuted by the label. A back-and-forth ensued, with Morrissey again claiming he'd been dropped.

Since then, the record was removed from digital retailers, and Morrissey and his band staged an in-concert protest in which they sported shirts that read "Fuck Harvest." The imprint then used this to their advantage and began selling the label-lambasting items on their online store.