Morrissey, Hall & Oates, Bowie Re-envisioned as No Limit Superstars

Morrissey, Hall & Oates, Bowie Re-envisioned as No Limit Superstars
Do you remember how bad hip-hop album artwork was back in the '90s? Back then, any joker with a cracked copy of Photoshop 3 loaded onto their Pentium hard drive thought they could whip up a masterpiece by slapping a cartoony balloon font atop some a poorly cut-out image of some jank MC. Usually, the dude was surrounded by stacks of bills, or maybe he would hover above a city landscape while lightning shot out of his fingertips? The whole No Limit roster had the market cornered on laughably bad artwork.

As awful as these covers were, though, we actually kind of miss them. Now, things clearly haven't got better over the years -- Sheek Louch, we're looking at you -- but today's craptastic covers have nothing on the old No Limit rush jobs. If you're feeling nostalgic and looking to laugh, here is an old post from Something Awful [viaLA Weekly] that asks, "What if other artists followed the No Limit formula?"

Among the covers, we have Morrissey blinged-out beside some sweet rides, Hall & Oates protecting some fat stacks and the Mamas and the Papas, rebranded as Da Mamiz and Da Papiz, California dreamin' about throwing some Benjamins at a slip sliding pole dancer.

It's days like these that we miss Master P the most.

To see all the covers, head here.