Morrissey "People Are the Same Everywhere" (live on 'Colbert')

Morrissey "People Are the Same Everywhere" (live on 'Colbert')
Indie icon and generally grumpy gentleman Morrissey appeared on The Colbert Report last night (October 9) to chat with Stephen Colbert and deliver a performance of "People Are the Same Everywhere."

Deliberately pushing the singer's buttons, Colbert hilariously prodded about the royal family, a Smiths reunion and Morrissey's much-publicized vegetarianism.

They didn't even get to talking about Obama or the Olympics, but it's still an interview worth watching.

Moz graciously stuck around to perform last year's "People Are the Same Everywhere" afterwards and you can watch both the interview and performance below, courtesy of the Audio Perv.


"People Are the Same Everywhere":