Morphy Dubtopia EP

Morphy <i>Dubtopia </i>EP
Dubstep's international popularity is still on the rise, and with it comes concurrent interest in other sympathetic dub sounds. The music of Glasgow's Morphy isn't all about the bass wobbles and razor-sharp snares, but its more traditional dub hallmarks make for an excellent release from the nonstop tension of its newfangled cousin.

Morphy put out the latest EP in his six-year recording career this summer entitled Dubtopia. Straddling double time and half time rhythms, typically gut-wrenching bass and just enough of the dark, celebratory feeling of the mid-nineties iterations of drum and bass, Morphy's sensibility explores several different feelings while retaining a strong individual identity. "Warren Dub", with its memorable bass line and haunting melodica, is my favourite.

Nerve Recordings released Dubtopia this summer and as of last week, the label switched gears to offer its entire catalogue as free downloads. Thus, Dubtopia has rewound and come again -€“ with bonus tracks no less. Expanded to eight cuts, the new adds include an original version to, um, "Version" and three remixes which expand the sound even further and connect more dots in the "hardcore continuum" - if you believe in that sort of thing.

Download Morphy's Dubtopia EP with bonus tracks here.