German death metallers Morgoth are back with their first full-length in almost two decades, titled Ungod. Following 1996's industrial-infused Feel Sorry for the Fanatic, the band offered their return-to-form two-song single, God is Evil, in 2014. The new album carries continues where the single left off, showcasing the classic, chugging death metal sound that their first two records, Cursed and Odium, established. However, Ungod brings a major change to Morgoth, which is new vocalist Karsten "Jagger" Jäger (Disbelief), who rises to the occasion incredibly well following the departure of original vocalist Marc Grewe.
Ungod features a plethora of crushing rhythms and churning, Death-style riffs. Opener "House of Blood" starts the album off with catchy melodies before "Voice of Slumber" attacks with a blitzkrieg of riffs. "Snakestate" features dark melodies and "Black Enemy" is filled with groove, while the instrumental title track contains evil, doom-esque tones. Despite the struggles of releasing a new album after 19 years, as well as adding a new vocalist to the mix, Ungod proves Morgoth were up to the challenge. Dark, ominous and filled with memorable riffs, this is the album fans have been waiting for. (Century Media)
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