Morgan Davis Blues Medicine

If this album cures what ails you – and it will – all credit must go to the doctor. And "Dr." Davis is clearly on top of his game with this infectious recording. He selflessly credits co-producers Colin Linden and Alec Fraser for their "unbridled joy (of) making music," yet it is Davis' joyful enthusiasm towards his craft that delivers the medicine in powerful doses. His 28-year blues career began in the folk-based protest of the Vietnam War, which brought this American draft dodger to Canada in 1968. An amalgam of Delta and Chicago blues styles, Davis' ragged sound blends his earnest, soulful voice with sharp-edged solos. His lyrics are as witty and insightful, as they are (often) hilarious. "Reefer Smokin' Man" is the quintessential Morgan Davis “good time blues” song, while "My Blues" and "Easy Money (with Mumbo Jumbo)" shows his relative ease and adeptness at playing either gentle ballad or harder-edged boogie, from simple country blues to full-fledged swing. Feeling down or in need of a little shot of sunshine? A little Blues Medicine will go a long way to delivering the cure. (Electro-Fi)