More Young People Are Watching DJ Khaled's Snapchat Than 'The Big Bang Theory'

More Young People Are Watching DJ Khaled's Snapchat Than 'The Big Bang Theory'
While DJ Khaled is still a huge force in the hip-hop world, the producer has taken on a new public persona as a Snapchat superstar in recent months (username: djkhaled305). In addition to his motivational tweets, Khaled is one of the first celebrities to gain a real power position on youngsters' new social media app of choice, delivering morning blessings, documenting jet ski trips gone wrong and, of course, sharing the keys to life.
Now, a new Bloomberg cover story perfectly titled "How Snapchat Built a Business by Confusing Olds" has examined the app's growing influence, and naturally, Khaled serves as the story's central character. After pointing out that he was always the collaborator, never the star in the music industry, the article portrays him as a man finding his niche in the world of savvy young Snapchatters.
In addition to epiphanies like, "Life is like flowers… You grow. You blossom. You become great," the piece also reveals just how many followers are falling under Khaled's spell. He's drawn in more than 6 million followers since October when he blindly joined the social media network, "kind of just talking to myself."
Khaled now claims that "My Snapchat has more viewers than any TV show"  — and he's not entirely wrong. Bloomberg notes that each video he posts gets about 3 or 4 million views. By comparison, the number of 12 to 34 year-olds watching The Big Bang Theory is approximately 3.3 million.
As one of Snapchat's major advertisers, the senior vice president for content at Coca-Cola, puts it: "DJ Khaled has completely cracked the platform. He's the king of Snapchat."
In other news, refusing to rest on his social media laurels and continuing on his never-ending quest to unlock the keys of life, Khaled signed a deal with Roc Nation earlier this week. He announced that Jay Z was his new manager in an Instagram post that was, you guessed it, riddled with golden key emojis.

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!!! Meet my manager. His name is Jay Z. Jigga. Hov!!! Special cloth alert! The blessings coming in have been overwhelming. So much blessings I needed the right team to help me embrace it right. And when I say embrace I mean brand partnership. When two special cloth brands come together history gets made. I'd like to thank fan luv for walking with me thru the journey of more success. They don't want us to win!!!! So what we gonna do is win more. When I say we, I'm talking fan luv! I'm talking my brother Lenny S! Always seen my vision !!I'm talking Chaka!! I'm talking JIGGA NATION!!!!! I'm up to something. I will never stop!!! I will not lose JIGGA VOICE!!! Ride with me thru the journey of more success. God is the greatest! Bless up. #WeTheBest 🔑#JAYZ 🔑#Rocnation @wethebestmusic JUS KNOW IM WORKING ON NEW MUSIC !! 🔑🔑🔑

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Read the full Bloomberg article over here, and relive the Snapchat-captured jet ski saga below.