More Previously Unreleased Nirvana Recordings Leak Online

More Previously Unreleased Nirvana Recordings Leak Online
This isn't the first time this has happened and it likely won't be the last, but another batch of previously unreleased Nirvana recordings has made its way online. The studio sessions include alternate takes, instrumental jams and a track with Dave Grohl playing all the instruments.

Alternative Nation points out that the recordings, dubbed The Pachyderm Sessions, were bought through an eBay auction by a Nirvana fan, who later uploaded them to a private forum. The reel is dated February 15, 1993, and features seven songs. Included are vocal and instrumental versions of future In Utero number "Dumb," as well as three takes on "Marigold," one of which featuring cellist Kera Schaley.

Also included on the reel is an unnamed track that reportedly features Grohl handling all of the music. The track features a hot-rod guitar lead, a mix of crunchy rhythm guitar and piercing feedback, and a break-neck drum beat.

Another once-lost tune from the sessions is an organ-abusing piece titled "Lullaby," and basically sounds like the Nirvana guys just fudging around in the studio. While unconfirmed, it's suspected that the clumsy, goofball drums were played by Kurt Cobain. It's possible he also sat behind the kit for one of the run-throughs of "Marigold."

You'll find streams of Grohl's solo track and "Lullaby" below.

The Pachyderm Sessions:

1. Dumb
2. Dumb (Instrumental)
3. Dave Solo
4. Marigold (Instrumental) *
5. Marigold (Instrumental)
6. Marigold (With Cello)
7. Lullaby (Instrumental) *

* Kurt Cobain on Drums?