Moore Brothers Now is the Time for Love

An acoustic duo with a record called Now Is the Time for Love might seem like the kind of esoteric project that would only appeal to stoned neo-folkies and the sappiest of Simon & Garfunkel fanatics. But, like Kings of Convenience’s Riot on an Empty Street earlier this year, the Moore Brothers have created something compelling out of a decidedly simple, if not constricting, approach. The songwriting duties are split almost right down the middle between brothers Greg and Thom, though you’d be hard pressed to realise it without reading the liner notes. The record is melodically similar throughout, but each song’s lyric combines the accessibly romantic with the surrealistically poignant, making one-two punches like the title track and "Mint Mouth Motorhead” all the more powerful. Of course, their wonderful two-part harmonies and minor key hooks begin to lose their impact soon into the record’s second half, but with the inclusion of highlights like "Fascination” and the absolutely stunning "Falling” to help us along, Time for Love never fully loses the plot. (Plain)