Moonlyght Progressive Darkness

Beginning their full-length debut with a stripped down vocal duet, Quebec's Moonlyght makes it clear right away that this isn't just straightforward metal. Elements of folk music show up throughout Progressive Darkness, even surfacing in an accordion solo. Keyboards play an important role in the band's sound, producing rich strings, harp, piano and organ that, along with the guest female vocalist, complement more traditional metal riffs. Although you might hear hints of bands like Vintersorg, Amorphis, Lake of Tears or Anathema, Moonlyght's sound is predominantly their own. With all the tracks but one topping seven minutes, songwriting becomes important, and the band judges well when to bring back a good theme. Not quite the black metal they originally planned to record, Progressive Darkness demonstrates that Moonlyght is ready to step up and represent Canada in the international folk-metal scene. (Metal Disk)