Moon King

Parc de la Petite Italie, Montreal QC, September 19

Moon KingParc de la Petite Italie, Montreal QC, September 19
Photo: Steve Louie
It might've been the cold, the booze or a slight food coma, but by the time Moon King graced the stage the energy had seemed to shift drastically, making it hard for the band to really make a lasting impression with their audience. Their set began with frontman Daniel Benjamin crooning softly with his sweet tenor, immediately followed by swift hi-hats crashing over moody guitar hooks, and both guitarists giving loads of high energy.

While the lure was cast in the crowd, Moon King often got nothing in return, which began to wear on Benjamin while interacting with the audience. However, their resilience allowed them to come out swinging with some of the heaviest sounds of the afternoon. Songs inspired by grungy teen dreams featured echoing reverb and big screams from Maddy Wilde as drummer Sean Dunal delivered a flurry of right hooks on the drums. The crowd got a second wind two songs before their finale, but by the end of it all, Moon King left their set having had more fun than the crowd themselves, which in this situation was the best a band could hope for.
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