Moon King "Dreamtrap"

Moon King 'Dreamtrap'
Toronto duo Moon King are gearing up for the release of their Obsession II record on April 20 through One Big Silence, but you can now get a sneak peek of the set via a stream for atmospheric synth-pop track "Dreamtrap."

As that song title implies, it's pretty easy to get sucked into the hypnotizing, nocturnal vortex of a-ha-eqsue synth tones and fuzz bass swirling throughout the track. There's even some synth feedback courtesy of Doldrums. Meanwhile, Maddy Wilde's indecipherably airy and haunting vocals invite you to escape reality, if only for a few minutes.

According to the band's Daniel Benjamin [via Fader], the song was conceived in an Austrian train station as an instrumental piece, with Wilde's vocals only added to the recording as an afterthought. 

You can check out the surreal sonic experience down below.