Gus' Pub, Halifax NS, October 25

MoonGus' Pub, Halifax NS, October 25
Photo: Ali Seglins
Halifax's krautrock five-piece, Moon, filled up Gus' Pub in the afternoon for the first set on the last day of the Halifax Pop Explosion. Moon create persistent and isolated highways of rhythm with intermittent flashes of light: flute trills by Jamie Forsythe, melodic synth, guitar scales and sweet pop choruses are the only brief reprieves in stretches of darkness. Moon's destination was complicated by their transitions; they created post-punk medleys that seemed divorced from time but stayed spatially connected to bands like Freak Heat Waves and Neu!.

Playing songs from their self-titled EP ("Stained Glass" and "Card, Crane, Ha") along with singles ("Meridian" and "Apollo") and unreleased songs ("Holy Mountain"), the tempos dragged and slowed almost purposefully, which created tension by pushing and pulling without moving too far from the songs' centres. These moments were tidal and the reaction was physiological. This set was the return of former member Graeme Stewart (Monomyth) and also the culmination of Andrew Neville's increasing vulnerability as a lyricist and performer. Like retrograde motion, there was artistry to Moon's set that appeared chaotic, but upon closer inspection was calculated and methodical.
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