Montreal's Tor Mashes Up Sufjan Stevens

Montreal's Tor Mashes Up Sufjan Stevens
We kind of agree that mash-ups are typically old news, particularly thanks to Girl Talk perfecting the medium. Still, the odd mash-up likes to slip through the cracks and grab our attention. Take, for example, Illinoize, the Sufjan Stevens remix venture by Montreal producer Tor.

The seven-track effort, which is now available as a free download here, features songs from Sufjan's 2005 masterpiece paired with leftfield rappers like Aesop Rock, Outkast and Brother Ali. The results are varied but mostly good, syncing the rapper's flows well with Sufjan's charming quirks.

If nothing else, listening to Illinoize will briefly distract you from the fact that there probably won't be any new music from Stevens for a long time.

Illinoize tracklisting:

1. "Star of Wonder/None Shall Pass" (ft. Aesop Rock)
2. "Dumb I Sound/ATLiens" (ft. Outkast)
3. "John Wayne Gacy Jr./Specialize" (ft. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
4. "The Tallest Man/I Like It" (ft. Grand Puba)
5. "Kill/Any Type of Way" (ft. Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier)
6. "Night Zombies/Talkin' My Shit" (ft. Brother Ali)
7. "The Dress Looks Nice On You/Make You Feel That Way" (ft. Gift Of Gab)