Montreal's Divan Orange Launches Fundraising Campaign Following $15,000 in Noise Complaints

Montreal's Divan Orange Launches Fundraising Campaign Following $15,000 in Noise Complaints
Montreal institution Divan Orange, a local cultural cooperative and concert venue, is reaching out to the local community in hopes to guarantee its survival. It recently launched a new Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign running until January 30 ironically titled "Levée de Son," which roughly translates to "Sound Raising," a play on words on the generally used term "levée de fonds." Combined with a series of benefit concerts, the Divan Orange is hoping to raise a total of $25,000. The funds are necessary to cover the costs of planned expansions, as well as a recent barrage of noise complaints, resulting in fines totalling $15,000.

Divan Orange has seen its existence threatened by the recent noise complaints from tenants living on the third floor of the building it occupies at 4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent. While many have argued that noise is to be expected when you move above a concert hall, Divan Orange general director Carolyne Normandin doesn't fault the tenants for being displeased, telling Le Devoir newspaper, "They're frustrated with the sound, and I understand them."

The second floor space is currently vacated, which has been amplifying the sound emanating from the concert venue since its tenants moved out. Divan Orange recently revealed the acquisition of this second floor space to open a broadcast centre that will help promote the emerging music scene. The space will house affordable office spaces for various local music stakeholders, including long-term partners such as the many festivals that take place at the downstairs venue. Ironically, these offices would have helped create the necessary sound barrier between the concert venue and the third floor tenants.

A resolution seems imminent thanks to the collaboration of borough councillor Christine Gosselin, who has been instrumental in helping both parties find common ground. It had recently been announced that the tenants have decided that the only long-term solution would be to move out, with Normandin currently helping the tenants in finding more suitable living arrangements.

But the fines still remain, and the Divan Orange is forging forward with its fundraising campaign, with the first of its planned benefit concerts to take place on December 20 in Montreal. Performers include local darling Bernard Adamus, musical collective Canailles, two-man rock back Les Deuxluxes, and musical troubadour Le Winston Band, all performing at the venue. Tickets are $25 and are available for pre-sale online through Point of Sale. You can find more information about the concert here on Facebook.