Monsieur Leroc I'm Not Young but I Need the Money

Chill is probably the best word to describe of music of Monsieur Leroc. Elements of hip-hop, jazz and funk are chopped, blended and given the slow burn treatment — the end result is deliciously reverbing musical trip-hop confection that — if you’ll excuse the cliché — goes down easy. Monsieur Leroc (aka Germany’s Arne Drescher) is musically reverential without veering into hipster mode. Lead single "Cooley McCoolsen” moves with a hushed and molasses-like funk fervour, dripping a head-nodding groove along the way. "Alles Für die Cuts” features German hip-hop that’s not as bad as the term "German hip-hop” sounds. "Me So Hungry” is a cool slice of jazzy trip-hop and one of the hyper joints on an otherwise subdued album. Chill is the word for I'm Not Young but I Need the Money — Monsieur Leroc won’t get you hype, but he’ll get you smoothed out. (Cornerstone R.A.S.)