Monotonix Not Yet

MonotonixNot Yet
Completely unhinged live, Tel Aviv's Monotonix are getting dirtier and more debauched with each new release and Not Yet finds them at their most subversive. Purveyors of hardcore, energetic noise rock, Monotonix get themselves banned from places a lot, usually for inciting riotous behaviour from audiences and literally laying waste to whatever stage they take. Tasked with capturing the propulsive riff-rock of Not Yet, engineer/Stooges fan Steve Albini likely relished these sessions and the over-the-top metal vocals of Ami Shalev. "Blind Again" alone is a tour de force, Monotonix crashing into one another while Shalev bellows like a skid, weekend warrioring his way through a drunken barrage of sound and imagery. If Monotonix make garage rock, everyone would be advised to park their cars on the street. (Drag City)