Monotonix "Before I Pass Away"

Monotonix 'Before I Pass Away'
Raucous Israeli rockers Monotonix are primarily known for their wild live show, but you have to admit that beneath the hair, hardcore nudity and even more hair, the group can write a pretty kickin' tune. New single "Before I Pass Away," off upcoming album Not Yet, keeps up with the outfit's '70s riff rock motif, with Motor City six strings cranking on a fuzzed-out melody.

Moustachioed mad man Ami Shalev's vocals are a little more ragged than usual, but behind his rum-soaked rasp is one of the sweetest axioms you'll hear all year. "I really want a hug," he chaotically croons on the cut. Well, maybe we can help you out a bit on your upcoming tour, Ami, but can you promise to put on a shirt first? And, no, that 12-inch thick chest wig you're sporting doesn't count.

You can download "Before I Pass Away" here.

As previously reported, Not Yet comes out January 25 on Drag City.