Mongo Skato

I Don't Give It

Mongo SkatoI Don't Give It
New Zealand native Thomas Richards is quite the sonic polymath, playing in noise rock groups with tongue-in-cheek names like Ladieswear Landscape and Butt Simpson — which reportedly offer rapid-fire missives a la Rhode Island cacophonists Lightning Bolt — and then dropping techno-cum-footwork gems as Mongo Skato. With a few tracks and EP-length records floating around in cyberspace, Richards decided to land his first solo full-length release on Canadian soil via out-techno cassette imprint 1080p.

The label doesn't shy away from the weirdo/genius contingent, so I Don't Give It fits perfectly alongside the malfunctioning machine glee that typically graces their roster (Joel Shanahan's Auscultation project immediately springs to mind). Immediately sliding into dance mode, "Fela" slings rubber band bass, microscopic horn/sax stabs and a stuttering rhythm. Showing off Richards' love for Chicago Footwork, "Flythrua" is a joint-dislocating adventure of a tune. The remainder of the tape continues at a tight clip, never fading until the final beat drops; the restless energy is infectious. (1080p)
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