Money in the Banana Stand Present 'Giant Steps II' EP

Money in the Banana Stand Present 'Giant Steps II' EP
How's this for a shameless reference to the comedy series Arrested Development: Money in the Banana Stand. That's the name of a Charlottetown, PEI-based band who, on April 3, will release the new EP Giant Steps II.

This seven-song collection follows the debut full-length There's Always (know, like, "There's always money in the banana stand"). Their latest was recorded in a barn in rural PEI with Adam Gallant, and according to a press release, it finds the band establishing "a sound that is their own blend of folk, punk, and rock'n'roll."

Giant Steps II is also said to balance despair and delight, and "deals with the frustrations of isolation, balancing creativity and the tasks of everyday life, and living in an increasingly detached universe."

The EP is reportedly "ironically titled." We're guessing that means there's no Giant Steps I, since we certainly don't see any evidence of it. But scroll past the tracklist below to stream all of Giant Steps II.

Incidentally, Money in the Banana Stand features Andrew Woods of fellow PEI indie rock outfit Boxer the Horse of bass.

Giant Steps II:

1. Drink Deep
2. Lifestyles
3. Lately
4. Korean Radio Blues
5. Political Song for Justin Bieber to Sing
6. The Red League
7. Psychiatrist