Moneen Detail New Full-Length, Confirm Release Date

Moneen Detail New Full-Length, Confirm Release Date
As we previously reported, Moneen - Brampton, ON's favourite indie/not-so-tech-anymore rockers - are releasing their new album soon. Well, according to a press release, a due date has been confirmed for the disc, The World I Want to Leave Behind, and it's the previously rumoured date of September 15. So, like, everything's cool.

The disc will be released on Vagrant Records in the U.S. and Dine Alone worldwide. The band recorded 12 tracks in January with Grammy-award winner David Bottrill producing.

To keep fans satiated until the full-length drops, Moneen released their Hold that Sound EP in June, and a digital version of it came out last week, with the vinyl slated for July 8. The release has three songs from the World album, two of which are alternate versions.

The guys recently returned home after touring the UK with Brand New; a major fall tour will be announced shortly.

Here is the tracklisting for the upcoming album:

1. "The World I Want To Leave Behind"
2. "Hold That Sound"
3. "Great Escape"
4. "Believe"

5. "Redefine"

6. "The Way"

7. "The Long Count"

8. "The Monument"

9. "Waterfalls"

10. "Red Eyes"

11. "Lighters"

12. "The Glasshouse"