Moneen Smaller Chairs for the Early 1900s

I admit I'm a wuss and I love wussy, whiny emo rock so long as it's done well. And Moneen, a new quartet out of suburban Toronto, do it very well. On their debut release, a four-song EP, the band combines the more rock elements of Jimmy Eat World with the sensitivity of Sense Field and the delicate stops and starts of Elliott to create a moody and deep disc. From the drive of "How Many Other Girls Are There in the World Anyway?" to the emo-waltz of "The Passing of America" to the stuttering off-kilter closing strains of "This Year I've Had Enough," Smaller Chairs for the Early 1900s oozes sincerity - a rare commodity in rock these days. Can't wait for the full-length release. (Smallman)