Mommy and Daddy Fighting Style Killer Panda

New York City’s Mommy and Daddy come into the fold cashing in on two of music’s latest and greatest trends: they’re electro-punk and there are two of them. While they don’t get points for originality, the married couple of Vivian Sarratt and Edmond Hallas do well with their one-two punch. Fighting Style Killer Panda is the duo’s first North American release after a debut album, Live How You Listen, saw only a strictly European release on Big Cat Records. Mommy and Daddy certainly aren’t short on vigorous attitude, as they belt out five songs (plus an additional remix of "Confection”) that sound like someone replaced the Valium in the Kills’ medicine cabinet with some trucker speed. Their dual vocals, bass, drum machine and synth combo produces a rousing scuzzed-out mess of dirty punk vitality and electro-fied heat. It’s a shame this ends after six songs because the effects from this drug don’t wear off once the music stops. (Kanine)