Moldy Peaches Moldy Peaches

Kimya Dawson dressing in a bunny outfit is surprisingly not the silliest thing about NYC's newest sensations, the Moldy Peaches. Sounding as if it was recorded in a flooded basement and on the cheapest, most abused audio tape they could find, the Peaches' self-titled album is remarkably not a hard listen. Their songs may be ridiculous, at times, with numbers like "Nothing Came Out," which name drops Scooby Doo and Ron Jeremy, and "Who's Got The Crack," a song about the eternal question of, well, who has the crack? But the duo of Dawson and Adam Green make some of the greatest awful songs ever made. "On Top" is a basic rap song that is about hating rap music, "Downloading Porn with Dave" has a blues guitar accompanying a tale about the obvious and "Little Bunny Foo Foo" is a bouncy pop song about a bunny that bops field mice on the head. The Moldy Peaches are a band that seems to be unable to grasp any morals, but who cares? Whenever you can use a line like "My girl's got a dick hanging out of her shorts," well, you've earned your respect as musicians. (Rough Trade)