Moka Only "Grab Grab Grab"

Moka Only 'Grab Grab Grab'
Moka Only is big into delivering his albums in serialized formats. While the prolific Vancouver hip-hopper has his fair share of standalone albums, he's released countless sequels and follow-ups to certain series as well. Fans of the man look forward to his regular Christmas-themed collections, and by now you have to have noticed that he's got a thing for airports. Since 2007, Moka has been issuing albums under the banner Airport, influenced by his globetrotting ways.

Dude is set to release the latest chapter, Airport 5, sometime in March on Wandering Worx records, and "Grab Grab Grab" is the first leaked track. The hazy cut places Moka's relaxed, Sugar Bear-style baritone flow against a lax backbeat and watery jazz-synth sounds.

You can check out the tune below, courtesy of The Word is Bond blog, where Moka has also given a detailed description of the Airport project's beginnings.

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