Moka Only Barbecued Horse Contest

Former Swollen Members rapper/producer Moka Only has a reputation for being prolific. The Vancouver, BC-based beatmaker's new beat tape, Barbecued Horse Contest, is just the latest in a discography over 50 releases deep. Here, the prolific producer serves up 15 knocking beats encompassing a broad array of sounds, interspersed with odd, amusing dialog samples. "Portland, Organ" is a mini-suite that starts with twinkly synths and clipped shouts, flips to strange chants backed by organ and finishes with a killer violin loop and driving drums. "Ocho Suite" is pure circus music, pairing piping horns with soft piano, while "Great Beautiful Ones" churns up blissed-out Beach Boys harmonies. "Pemberton" sounds like a lost Madlib beat, all stumbling bass, sloppy drums and chopped keys. Barbecued Horse Contest is stellar headphone music and should be an easy cop for anyone who digs Madlib, Freddie Joachim or J Dilla's Donuts. (Wandering Worx)