Mogwai Unveil 'Central Belters' Compilation, Share "Helicon 1" Video

Mogwai Unveil 'Central Belters' Compilation, Share "Helicon 1" Video
Mogwai turn 20 this year, and in addition to the line of skateboards the band unveiled earlier this year, fans will now be able to celebrate two decades of the Scottish group with something a little more musical.
A new greatest-hits and rarities collection titled Central Belters will arrive on October 9 via Rock Action. It will be available in three-CD and six-LP formats, and covers the band's extensive history from their 1997 debut Young Team right up to last year's Rave Tapes.
The group are also marking the anniversary by curating a special set of shows at London's Roundhouse in conjunction with ATP. Following two sold-out headlining shows of their own, Mogwai have also hand-picked a full season's worth of concerts that includes performances from Public Enemy, GZA, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Full details can be found here.
Below, check out the full career-spanning tracklisting for Central Belters and keep scrolling past that to watch the Craig Murray-directed video clip for "Helicon 1."
Central Belters:
CD 1:
1. Summer
2. Helicon 1
4. Christmas Steps
5. I Know You Are But What Am I?
6. Hunted By a Freak
7. Stanley Kubrick
8. Take Me Somewhere Nice
9. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
10. Mogwai Fear Satan
CD 2:
1. Auto Rock
2. Travel Is Dangerous
3. Friend of the Night
4. We're No Here
5. I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
6. The Sun Smells Too Loud
7. Batcat
8. Mexican Grand Prix
9. Rano Pano
10.How to Be a Werewolf
11. Wizard Motor
12. Remurdered
13. The Lord Is Out of Control
14. Teenage Exorcists
CD 3:
1. Hugh Dallas
2. Half Time
3. Burn Girl Prom Queen
4. Devil Rides
5. Hassenheide
6. Tell Everybody That I Love Them
7. Earth Division
8. Hungry Face
9. D to E
10. My Father My King