Mogwai: "Blur: Are Shite Once Again"

Mogwai: "Blur: Are Shite Once Again"
Blur may have finally reunited but that sure doesn't mean Mogwai have to be happy about it. Via the surly Scots' website, the band this week picked up right where their old "Blur: are shite" campaign left off, dolling out a bit of verbal hurt against Damon Albarn and company.

If your memories of the late '90s are a bit fuzzy these days, Mogwai started a bit of feud against Blur back in the day and voiced their dislike for who they called "one of the weakest bands on the planet" by printing a series of now infamous T-shirts with the slogan "Blur: Are Shite." In response, Blur tried to take the high road and rarely made mention of Mogwai's prodding in the press, preferring instead to focus more on the squabbles with the Brothers Gallagher and other such things.

But now that ol' Blur are a happy family again, Mogwai reopened their slagging sessions this week and offered up a new, delicately worded message to the band.

"Anyone fancy a 'Blur: Are Shite Once Again' T-Shirt?" the Mogwai blog reads. "It seeeeeems as if the seminal britpop band called Blur want to get back together again to make astounding new music.

"This could have catastrophic effects on our youth and middle-aged citizens. As the world's 4th biggest economy, Blur's surprise re-union could have destabilizing ramifications which are too legion to be properly explained here.

"Only Patrick David Xavier McMeneman-McHanarahan, our specialist re-union specialist, can even start to describe the disastrous potency of this formative party's re-grouping on the world's already dangerous pre-apocalyptic position.

"He says, 'Their imperial designs know no bounds and we will have to use all of our vigor and guile to disperse this potential doomsday-making scenario else we sprint toward a life-ending britalocalypse.'

"He added: 'Damon Albarn: Taller than a Chinese tree; Graham Coxon: Not a bumblebee; Dave Rowntree: Diddy Doo Diddly Doo Labour loser Doo Diddly Doo; Alex James: Cheese master in more ways than one.'"

As of yet there's no word from Blur on the subject, nor any sign of new "Blur: Are Shite" T-shirts at Mogwai's webshop.

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