Modulok You Look So Tragic

ModulokYou Look So Tragic
With his third solo album, Modulok sounds confident and sure of himself, even when being self-deprecating, as on catchy first single "Just Not Cool Anymore," a rowdy ditty with funky trombone that adds to the gypsy punk vibe of the beat. He follows that with "Golden Rule," a positive reggae rap jam assisted on guitar and vocals by H.R., of pioneering hardcore band Bad Brains, who sings in his nasal falsetto, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you/Remember, remember to stay in school." It's a fun, if disorienting, one-two punch. Alongside 2Mex, Modulok gets back to his roots with angry political raps over a dark, drum'n'synth beat on "Native Aliens," but his interest in cities and girls figures much more prominently. A homesick Modulok paints a vivid picture of bleak urban landscapes on "Dead Poets and New Mutants," before D-Sisive loses his mind in pop culture references. Modulok also has trouble finding a girl on "Lovers Like These" (even with the assistance of wingmen Wordburglar and Apollo Creed), stalks an unsuspecting love on the creepy "Lurking Romantic" and reveals his favourite type of girls are Toronto's "East Side Girls." Other favourite things he raps about: "Coffee" and "Old Records, Hard Liquor." There's also a Pacewon appearance on concept number "Hollywood Desperadoes" that's an album highlight. You Look So Tragic is Modulok's best work since Red Ants, even if it isn't as dark, aggressive and politically charged. (Takaba)