Modulok "A Jungle Made of Glass / Secret Island"

Red Ants MC Modulok has been making some big moves since the release of their debut album, Phobos Deimos, one of the best Canadian hip-hop albums of 2005. Between tours of Europe, Modulok took time out to record two songs for a solo seven-inch. A-side track "A Jungle Made of Glass” taps legendary L.A. underground producer Omid, the man behind the classic Beneath the Surface compilation, who provides a drum-heavy, haunted circus beat for Modulok’s unique blend of street tough b-boy braggadocio and sci-fi surrealism. While less dark than the production of usual collaborator Vincent Price, the song should appeal to those familiar with the Red Ants’ sound. The flip side, "Secret Island,” is set to be an international hit. A departure for Modulok, producer Fresh Kils provides a smooth beat with drum, bass and the occasional calypso guitar, while Modulok’s great uncle Dave Martins, front-man for Guyana’s Tradewinds, provides the hook for what is essentially a remake of one of his hit songs. Booties are bound to sway. This short seven-inch is a superb prelude to Modulok’s upcoming solo album. (Seize the Capital/Urbnet)