Modey Lemon Thunder and Lightning

Modey Lemon are a spazzy drum/guitar (and sometimes Moog) two-piece band hailing from Pittsburgh who rock hard in the vein of Pussy Galore. Upbeat and jagged in a vicious and nicely disorienting way, it’s nice to hear some interesting and original balls-out rock for a change. Blues-y, but not playing the "blues-punk" card, songs like "Crows" and "Predator" have more New York scum on their shoes than Delta muck. You can’t really lose with a song title like "Electronic Sorcerer,” and the actual track meets up to the name with amphetamine-addled time changes and Moog synth swells. It’s hard to compare these guys with any one established sound or band, but maybe Bantam Rooster meets Hawkwind is a comparison that might get you in the right ballpark. Serious as cancer, but not the least bit boring, Modey Lemon are a heavy antidote to any and all formulaic punk shit going on out there. An extremely dope album! (Birdman)