The Modernettes' Buck Cherry Receiving Biopic Treatment Starring Jay Baruchel

The Modernettes' Buck Cherry Receiving Biopic Treatment Starring Jay Baruchel
Vancouver punk vet Buck Cherry (aka John Armstrong) will be the subject of a biopic based on his autobiography, Guilty of Everything. According to a report from the Vancouver Sun, with whom Armstrong wrote for following his tenure with the Modernettes, he will be played by Montreal-based actor Jay Baruchel (She's Out of My League, The Trotsky). For the record, the musician seems to be okay with the casting decision.

"He's got big eyebrows," Armstrong said. "[Though] even at my most junked out and despicable, I was never as skinny as Jay is; he's made out of pipe cleaners. But he's a really cool actor, and a really cool guy."

Director Reg Harkema (Leslie, My Name Is Evil) explained that Baruchel, who he's worked with on the upcoming hockey flick Goon, was compelled by the punker's life story.

"He read the script and was blown away," Harkema said. "It basically takes John Armstrong's amorphous, episodic, anecdotal punk masterpiece and gives it some sort of shape and narrative form."

While Armstrong's biography served to set up the Vancouver punker's wild social life, as well as chronicling the punk scene his band played from 1978 to 1982, Harkema, who also wrote the script, admits that he's fictionalized things from the source material.

"It will probably be quite shocking for those who were at ground zero in the scene, the liberties that I have taken," says Harkema, who is currently directing a documentary on Alice Cooper. "But hell, I made a Charles Manson romantic comedy."

Armstrong recently completed a new memoir entitled A Series of Dogs, which is about all the canine companions he's had over the years, and is currently recording an album of material at a studio he co-owns in Vancouver.