Modern Field Recordings Modern Field Recordings

The debut release from Guelph, ON's Modern Field Recordings is not nearly as "modern" as this moniker implies. Aside from a sprinkling of Macbook synth here and there, this is an album built on folk music fundamentals ― too many of them ― resulting in incredible lyrics that get lost, as every song resembles the next. For those who don't often enjoy sad songs about heartbreak and lullabies about loneliness, Modern Field Recordings is best tucked away until you feel like having a good cry; this album could be the soundtrack to the saddest film you've ever seen. Lead singer Chris Roberts' decision to share vocal duties on "St. Elsewhere" brings with it a refreshing exhale just when things get dangerously close to evoking too much of a Bright Eyes feel. It is this song, and album closer "P.O.P.," that ultimately stand out as highlights, thanks to the back and forth exchange between boy-girl vocals, marking the first time the word "melancholic" doesn't come to mind. Love this album or hate it, no one's walking away happy. (Fortnight)