Mode Moderne Announce 'Occult Delight,' Share New Music Via Trailer

Mode Moderne Announce 'Occult Delight,' Share New Music Via Trailer
Over the last few years, Vancouver goth-pop outfit Mode Moderne have carved out a niche with their jangling goth-pop tunes. Now, they're preparing to take the next step with their sophomore full-length, Occult Delight, which is set to arrive in January.

The band announced the album via a trailer, cryptically dubbed "Indoctrination Film V 1.1." In addition to a series of grainy, vintage-looking images from fitness competitions, the clip includes short snippets of a number of new songs. These suggest that the new album will feature more of the dark, '80s-indebted sound that we heard on past releases.

The clip finished with the words "12 songs for most ghosts." Check out the tracklist below. It includes lots of goth-sounding titles like "Strange the Shadows" and "Severed Heads," plus a tune called "Dirty Dream #3," which might be a reference to Belle & Sebastian's song "Dirty Dream #2."

The album will come out via Light Organ Records, which has released Mode Moderne's last couple of short-form releases. This will be the band's first full-length since 2009's Ghosts Emerging.

UPDATE: The album will arrive on January 21.

Occult Delight:

1. Strangle the Shadows

2. Grudges Crossed

3. Thieving Babys Breath

4. Severed Heads

5. She, Untamed

6. Occult Delight

7. Times Up!

8. Unburden Yrself

9. Dirty Dream #3

10. Baby Bunny

11. Come Sunrise

12. Running Scared