M.O.D. Red, White And Screwed

The joke is over. M.O.D. front-man/general loudmouth Billy Milano has been milking his Stormtroopers Of Death connection for two decades and the returns have receded further than former band-mate Scott Ian’s hairline. Four years after his last debacle, Rebel You Love To Hate, it’s apparent that Milano and his latest cast of pick-up musicians have no rhyme or reason for Red, White And Screwed. Gone are most of the similarities to the previous incarnations of the band, with this album sounding primarily like a fifth-generation take on Terror, as opposed to the band’s once memorable crossover and New York hardcore styles. Even Milano grunts and babbles more than he utilises his trademark bark/talk delivery and other than a few amusing song titles such as "Balls On Bread,” "Jose Can You See” and "Alphabet City Stomp,” which fail to deliver the suggested hilarity, the general theme seems to be griping about how the hardcore scene "used to be.” Like we haven’t heard that before, and done better. (Index)