Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Branches

Just a few months after Dine Alone records snatched up and re-released Mockingbird Wish Me Luck's Goodbye Debris EP as a digital release, the band return with new seven-inch Branches. Both tracks deliver the same gravel-voiced, slow-burning punk that fuelled the EP. It's underscored by a wistful alt-country twang, matched by the solid, yearning melodies that transform A-side "American Homes" from a Midwest-style post-emo dirge into a tuneful all-American anti-anthem (it still has those vocals, after all). B-side "Branches" stays a little closer to its modern American beard punk roots, sharing much more with obvious influence Hot Water Music than just a Bukowski-inspired moniker. Mockingbird have hit a musical stride quite early on, and while they're not rewriting the rules, their ability to have an immediate, and lasting, impact makes them ones to watch in the future. (Dine Alone)