Moby Unveils Three-Disc 'Destroyed Deluxe' Set

Moby Unveils Three-Disc 'Destroyed Deluxe' Set
Moby is clearly throwing everything he's got into promoting his latest album, Destroyed, which has already spawned a pre-release EP, a concurrent photography book, and a world tour. Now, the bald and bespectacled electronic star has announced yet another album-related project: a deluxe edition of Destroyed featuring a slew of unheard material. This will be out November 8 through Mute/EMI.

The deluxe package is made up of three discs. The first contains the original 15-song album, the second contains eight unheard songs plus three alternate versions of album tracks, and the third is a DVD consisting of music videos made by Moby himself, live performances, interview footage and the ten finalists from an open-sourced music video competition. There's also a 24-page booklet containing new photographs by Moby from the Destroyed tour.

What's more, additional live tracks are available from iTunes or Amazon.

Scroll down to see the tracklist and see a video trailer at the bottom of the page. You can also go here to pre-order or download the bonus track "The Poison Tree."

On December 13, little more than a month after Destroyed Deluxe arrives, Moby will release a new double A-side single for the album tracks "The Right Thing" and "After." This will come out in two separate digital bundles, each of which features the album version of one of the tracks plus a handful of remixes. There will be music videos for both songs.

Destroyed Deluxe:

CD 1 - Destroyed:

1. "The Broken Places"
2. "Be the One"
3. "Sevastopol"
4. "The Low Hum"
5. "Rockets"
6. "The Day"
7. "Lie Down in Darkness"
8. "Victoria Lucas"
9. "After"
10. "Blue Moon"
11. "The Right Thing"
12. "Stella Maris"
13. "The Violent Bear It Away"
14. "Lacrimae"
15. "When You Are Old"

CD 2 - bonus album:

1. "The Poison Tree"
2. "Sandpaper"
3. "Breakdown"
4. "Unter den Linden"
5. "Fortitude"
6. "Washing"
7. "Sweet Dreams"
8. "The Broken Places (Full Length Version)"
9. "Lie Down In Darkness (Basement Studio Version)"
10. "The Day (Orchestral Version)"
11. "Slow"


Music videos:

1. "The Day"
2. "Lie Down in Darkness"
3. "Be the One"
4. "Victoria Lucas"
5. "Sevastopol"
Live in Concert at Main Square Festival, Arras, France in 2011:
1. "Raining Again"
2. "Lie Down in Darkness"
3. "Honey"
4. "Flower"
5. "Disco Lies"

Saatchi & Saatchi Hello, Future Video Challenge Finalists:

1. "After" - Alberto Gomez
2. "Be the One" - Alexey Terehoff
3. "After" - Antonin Pevney
4. "Be the One" - Brian McCann
5. "The Day" - Frank Belytran
6. "Be the One" - Lindsay Mackay
7. "Be the One" - Manship Society
8. "Be the One" - Martin Rodahl
9. "Be the One" - Oden Roberts
10. "Be the One" - Roland Wittl


1. Destroyed 20 min EPK Behind the Scenes
1. "The Day"
2. "Lie Down in Darkness"

Wilcox Sessions Live Studio Recordings:

1. "Porcelain"
2. "The Day"