Moby Goes Metal with Diamondsnake

Moby Goes Metal with Diamondsnake
Somewhere between heartfelt homage and tired irony lies the news that Moby has started a new hard rock/metal band. Yes, the prolific electronica cue ball has decided to fully embrace the heavy, at least for a little fun on the side.

The band Diamondsnake features Moby and the, uh, all-star line-up of Dave Hill, Phil Costello, and Tomato. Who? Doesn't matter, what matters is the logo points to an obvious love of and tip of the hat to legendary cock rockers Whitesnake, and judging from the bio found on the band's MySpace, the group are meant to be a tongue-in-cheek good time.

Said bio claims Diamondsnake combines "such disparate influences as rock, hard rock, metal, and heavy metal," talks about how Costello is in a metal Bee Gees tribute band called Tragedy, as well as the hard rock band Satanicide, and refers to Hill as a "world-class entertainer." Plus, we get song titles like "What the World Needs Now Is Rock" and "We Wanna Love You," and Tomato on "lead cowbell."

But, considering Moby has dropped some moderately heavy tunes before (see moments on 1996's Animal Rights), we don't doubt the guy has a love of loud in his heart. But how well with this go over with the metal masses? Well, likely not well. If there's one thing metalheads don't like, it's people with short - or no - hair poking fun of their tunes, even if it does come from a sincere appreciation of it.

Check out seven Diamondsnake songs here, and if you're in L.A. or New York in June, keep your eyes open for some live appearances. As for the quality of the tunes, well, it sounds like dudes getting sloshed and paying homage to the new wave of British heavy metal (with a particular love of NWOBHM underdogs Saxon). It's not necessarily pretty, people, but it is fun.

As for Moby's solo career, his last album was 2009's Wait for Me, and the double-disc Wait for Me. Remixes! is set to drop on May 17. But apart from a couple of summer fest appearances in the U.S., details of which can be viewed here, it looks as if his schedule is pretty wide open, so he's got time to rock.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the heads-up.