Moby Hotel

Moby is an interesting character. In the 14 years since his first album, his relationship with the music community has been precarious yet he repeatedly resists popular pressure. The two-disc Hotel speaks to Moby’s determination to do what he wants. With one foot in the epic strings that elevated Play and brought down the following album, 18, and one foot in the guitar world from days of old, Hotel listens more like a dutiful notch in Moby’s growth chart than a solid album. It’s sonically cohesive and varied with new wave playing a large, well-employed factor in the typical Moby string-scape, and he uses his plain voice more. But there are more potholes than smooth road. A second disc of sappy ambient tunes is perfect for play in stores, showing his business savvy. Hotel is no blockbuster but it is a clear indication that Moby is changing, again. (V2)