Moby Destroyed

Moby <i>Destroyed</i>
As previously reported, cute little electronic producer Moby is preparing the release of Destroyed, a new album and photography book set for release on May 17 via Mute/EMI. Now, the album is available to stream in its entirety, along with photo samples.

On the streaming site, Moby describes the project with the following statement:

i don't sleep very well when i travel. and as a result, i tend to be awake in cities when everyone else is asleep. that's where this album, and the pictures that accompany it come from. it was primarily written late at night in cities when i felt like i was the only person awake (or alive), a soundtrack for empty cities at 2 a.m, at least that's how i hear it. the pictures were taken on tour while i was writing the album. i wanted to show a different side of touring and traveling. a side that is often mundane, disconcerting, and occasionally beautiful.

Stream Moby's Destroyed right here.