Mobina Galore Cities Away

Mobina GaloreCities Away
On Cities Away, Winnipeg's Mobina Galore successfully distil the high-energy, anthemic punk rock the duo has been working on for the past few years into a hard-hitting eight-song punk rock LP.

Heavy on the hooks and forward-charging progressions, vocalist and guitar player Jenna Priestner croons, growls and screams her way through songs about growing up, making mistakes, finding yourself and moving on, before doing it all again. Lead single "Bad Love Song" is a head-banging garage rock guitar workout complete with well placed "ooo-ooos," while "You're Not 23 Anymore" pummels some hard-learned lessons into the listener with enough well channelled aggression to get even the most jaded punk rocker into the pit. Marcia Hanson's drumming and back-up vocals provide vital accompaniment to Priestner's lead vox and guitar, and production from John Paul Peters (Propagandhi, Comeback Kid) gives the album a very cohesive feel throughout.

One of Winnipeg's hungriest, hardest working young bands, Mobina Galore will no doubt win new fans both at home, and when these two take Cities Away out on the cold road. And while early 2000s punk rock influences (Distillers, in particular) are worn on their sleeve, Mobina Galore bring enough heart and originality to this tight batch of tunes to distinguish themselves as a band to watch going into 2015. (Independent)