Mo Kenney

Sunlit Stage 1, Regina SK, August 10

Mo KenneySunlit Stage 1, Regina SK, August 10
Photo: Peter Scoular
Mo Kenney's a lady of great talent and promise. For a lot of people, it probably took Joel Plaskett to bring her to their notice; he was the one who produced his fellow Dartmouth, NS citizen's debut self-titled record, and he put it out on his label, New Scotland Records. At her full concert at the Regina Folk Festival, a Sunday show just before 1 p.m., she didn't shy away from the connection, even covering a song off Plaskett's Scrappy Happiness.

She showed off plenty to set herself apart, though. For one, she's got a subtle and endearing pop ear for folk music that comes out plain as day when playing tracks like "Sucker" and "Déjà vu," which she did to a good crowd of people as several dozen dragonflies zooming overhead. Her great voice is a warm and controlled tool she wields as wonderfully in person as in the studio. Her unassuming charm is a bonus, a quiet enthusiasm that led her to say, "Cool song, eh?" after covering a song from Dog Day's Seth Smith.
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