Mlada Fronta

Polygon/Night Run

Mlada FrontaPolygon/Night Run
Artoffact's massive 10-CD Mlada Fronta career retrospective Every Thing was a sonic attack. But Polygon finds Fronta's Remy Pelleschi moving away from the brute force of his ominous dark gems like Le Cycle du Soleil and Oxydes and into radiant dance/trance, rhythmic electronica; the audio mastering maestro's ear still choreographs the synth scenes' supple movements, and the sounds have shimmering, scintillating clarity here. They are the 'synthy-est' of synth sounds; no acoustic-ness allowed.

The beats are unremitting, feeding addictive rhythms to those who need their dance floor fix in the main line. Case in point: "Strict Dress Code," whose driving hi-hat patterns lock in with membranous tom toms, surging unfocused sibilance and a supercilious detuned voice intermittently insisting on, of course, a strict dress code. More atmospheric but no less beat-centred, "Top" features scrunchy insect-like noises entering and exiting, throbbing drones and deceptive occasional bass motifs, all building climactically but without the expected grand finale. "Polygon 1" is chirrupy, cheerful and mercilessly unrelenting — body movement is a must. Co-released with Polygon is the vinyl Night Run. Both share a similar ethos, although there are a few Einstürdzende Neubauten-like metallics to fill out Fronta's sizable sound palette. This is compelling music from a sonic adventurer. (ArtofFact)
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