Absolute Light

MizeryAbsolute Light
Mizery's Absolute Light is a dense, boundary-pushing debut LP that places them amongst the most creative and versatile bands in the hardcore world. Building on the thrash-y crossover sounds of 2014's Survive The Vibe EP, the San Diego outfit return here with tighter overall execution and an even harder hitting set of songs.
On the first half of the record, Mizery pepper their weighty verses with flanging, psych-inspired riffing and melodic detours before dropping back into absolutely crushing breakdowns, which carry even more weight by way of sheer contrast. "Mizery" and "One Kiss" experiment with groovier mid-tempo rhythms rather than resorting to straightforward blasts, making the heavier moments unexpected and keeping the overall song dynamic. This is balanced out, however, by the title track and "Execution Style," which charge forward at full speed with squealing pinch harmonics and galloping thrash riffs.
Highlight "The Hard Goodbye" is saved for the very end, delivering a memorable conclusion via a series of punishing breakdowns and Jose Gonzales' fervent final mosh call. Absolute Light finds a perfect balance between the risks it takes and its straightforward power, making it an impressive first full-length for Mizery. (Flatspot Records)
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