Mitski "Fireproof" (One Direction cover)

Mitski 'Fireproof' (One Direction cover)
Brooklyn singer-songwriter Mitski released her excellent third album Bury Me at Makeout Creek last year. The LP was recently reissued by Don Giovanni, but the artist has something else on her mind. Namely, the music of One Direction.

Speaking with Billboard, the artist explained that she was fed up with indie culture's tendency to write off pop hits.

"We seem to de-legitimize music that has a majority of young girl fans and think of it as having less cultural value," she said. "Isn't that strange? I'm not down with the elitism of indie rock music, where it considers itself to be more 'serious' or 'intelligent' than mainstream pop. That thought often has nothing to do with the composition or political motivations of the music as it's conveyed to be about, and more to do with its production, 'aesthetic,' and just another kind of branding."

To coincide with the conversation, she recorded a cover of One Direction's mega-hit "Fireproof," and the results are stunning.

Listen to Mitski turn "Fireproof" into a Mitski song below.